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Crazy times with Gumption

It's so hectic around here at Chez Hugo & Elsa as this weekend is our school fair. We have been busy making raspberry jam and meringues, potting up hundreds of tomato plants and collating show bags. Phew - only 50 apples pies, 100 toffee apples and 200 cupcakes to go!

In the meantime, the clever and witty Potty Mouth Mamma has tagged me

Here's how to play:

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Here are my six reasonably quirky and yet boring things about me:

1. I'm a Sewing Procrastinator - I'm a shocker when it comes to finishing or actually starting anything crafty. I'm really very good at the part of sewing that involves shopping. I have the books, the fabric, both new and thrifted finds, and the accessories, even a nice space to create in, all ready to go. And I'm so in awe of all the amazingly clever things those crafty blogging mammas create. But at the end of a busy day, when it's the choice between the sofa and a bit of sewing, dang, that sofa wins no contest. I just can't get motivated. There also seems to be a lot of ironing involved with sewing. And I don't iron.

2. Mozart 3rd movement from Piano Sonata A major K.331- I never learnt to play an instrument bar a bit of recorder at school. So as my 40th birthday approached I decided I wanted to learn to play the piano. And my darling husband indulged me with a beautiful white piano for my birthday. And I just want to learn to play this. Nothing else, just the 3rd movement from Mozart's Turka Alla Ronda. I don't care how many years it takes, I intend to perfectly play that one piece because it just does it for me.

3. When I asked my husband about this tag he said you're maybe not quirky just plain weird about the milk, can't we just buy milk from the supermarket like normal people? He said he'd be concerned about my milk obsession if it wasn't for the fact that there's a whole gang of us equally obsessed about this milk. We just we love our milk from Elgaar. The trouble started when our regular delivery stopped and the dairy hasn't really sorted out a new delivery system yet, so we don't know when it's coming. Word will hit town that a milk delivery is on the way. Texts are sent - reconnaissance missions into town are launched - there is a stake out at the deli or a loiter at the organic cafe for HOURS waiting for the milk man, who never seems to arrive. Texts are sent confirming aborted delivery. Sometimes, I think our own cow might be easier.

4. I cannot start the day without my beloved coffee - and it has to be out of my teacup - with above mentioned milk - using our trusty old espresso machine. And no one else can make it properly but me.

5. Which brings me to mugs. I don't like drinking out of mugs. It has to be a cup and saucer. Tea and coffee just tastes better when served in a cup and saucer. We don't have any mugs in the house - What's the point? There's not enough room in the kitchen and they don't fit under the espresso machine. Well, actually I did think about getting some mugs to use when offering a cuppa to the tradesman who occasionally come to work on the house. I used to feel a little pretentious serving a cafe latte in a cup and saucer to a rugged, crusty tradie. Funny thing is, the tradesmen are most appreciative, in fact I was floored when one guy, apparently a true coffee connoisseur, asked not only where I had purchased the beans from but how long ago did I grind them. Needless to say, I was relived that I do not have to invest in mugs that I have no use for. I only have to worry that the coffee is up to scratch (I'm sure it affects the final bill you see).

6. Gumption - I'm crazy about this stuff. It cleans everything so easily and doesn't smell at all chemically. Try it on a stainless steel sink. It will sparkle. As soon as I open that little tub of white paste I can't stop cleaning - I end up blitzing the entire kitchen which is a good thing. But also incredibly boring and not really quirky at all.

And six bloggers to play - will you?



  1. i played! thanks for asking.

  2. I don't iron either. Although, ironing teatowels and pillowcases is strangely comforting to me.

    I wondered about the piano. It's beautiful. What a beautiful gift and a great dream.

    I love the tinkle of teacups too. There's nothing like that sound.

    And I must try Gumption. Sounds like something I need!

  3. I played too! Loved reading yours.

  4. I loved reading about your coffee habit. I'm the opposite. I only like drinking out of mugs. Teacups are so pretty though.

  5. If you've got the Gumption, feel free to come round and blitz my kitchen!:)