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A rather lovely hour

I must admit although spring is lovely, I do like the cold weather, and autumn is my favourite season (as I type, a whopping big blowfly buzzes around the room to verify this thought). So I'm a little wistful reading about mamas in the other part of the world embracing "fall" by celebrating harvests, picking and eating new season apples and canning, canning, canning.

Meanwhile, we're at the seasonal crossroads here in Tasmania, still eating last season's apples while waiting for those juicy summer peaches, cherries, apricots and berries to appear....can't wait.

So, inspired by all those apple pies being made by the blogging mamas, Hugo and I made a monster one today. A rather lovely hour as I sat and peeled apples whilst Hugo contentedly played with his dough. Happy times.

I would have posted a picture of said apple pie, but alas, my camera batteries died - Aw Scheiße!


  1. This sure does look like a mama apple pie. I agree with the seasonal thing, although I think I might like summer and autumn equally. It is lovely to see leaves on the trees again.

  2. Autumn is my favourite too & I love apple pie.

  3. sounds like a peaceful hour in the kitchen, the photo is lovely. Now I want to make some apple pie too!

    I love the summer stone fruits - a good opportunity for making plum jam and such.