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brown paper packages

It's my friend Penny's birthday today. Here's her present. Finished with an adorable gift tag from Belle and Boo. Isn't their stuff just the sweetest?

Penny's an amazing gardener, she has this way with tomatoes that I'm so envious of. They just grow and grow and grow. Then she collects the seeds in paper towels, lets them dry for a year, then plants in the spring. She's what I call a tomato witch. So I bought her the Jamie at Home book. Penny seems to grow all the things Jamie does, asparagus, broccoli, tomatoes, potatoes and beets. I hope she likes it.

I've never been such a huge Jamie fan, but I've a new found respect for his recent projects. I am so loving the Home series, his garden is so beautiful, his recipes delicious and his message so simple. It's so easy to grow and eat better food.

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Penny!


  1. That parcel looks beautiful. I agree Belle & Boo - simple and gorgeous.

    I love Jamie. I've met him! He's a nice guy, and he's a good guy.

  2. Lovely wrapping. Lovely blog. Can't go past some Jamie.

  3. Love the new jamie book. It's going on my christmas list.

  4. i love the idea of a tomato witch. i need one of those in my life. your package looks wonderful.

  5. I bought the Jamie at home book for last christmas and love it .we have even started a veggie garden!
    love your blog and the parcel is so in tune with the book. don't you think the notebook Jamie uses on the programme is great?

  6. ohhh- i love belle and boo- that parcel looks perfect;)
    i adore jamie but haven't yet caught the new show. will have to search it out.
    thanks for leading me to your blog- what a wonderful place!
    x ashley