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Busy Birds

My goodness, I'm so totally chuffed to be included in Bellgirl's Blogtoberfest Crawl. Thank you lovelie!

Speaking of lovelies. I love watching birds. We're so lucky to have an amazing array of seasonal visitors who come to our place each spring to raise their little families. From the first light of dawn to well past dusk, our yard is bustling with the comings and goings of busy birds raising families accompanied by glorious birdsong. I have no idea what most are called, I really need a copy of this.

But this little one is easy to identify - my favourite - the Splendid Blue wren, these guys are extremely very small and extremely very busy. Therefore impossible to photograph, so I've had to use someone else's photo. I could have shown you my attempt at bird photography but the birds are all missing from my photos, they are all way too fast for my shutter speed.

This morning my husband was clearing a large tangled mess of overgrown blackberry when he found their little nest. What a perfect nest! Such adorable blue eggs! We carefully put the blackberry back. That job will have to wait until the little ones have, proverbially, flown the nest.


  1. Ohhh, they are a perfectly delicate shade of blue.

  2. What a beautiful little find those eggs are!

  3. look at that bird. what a brilliant color. Those eggs are darling.