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Das Leben ist schön

Blogtoberfest is going to be a bigger challenge for me than I first thought. I've got bloggers block. A post every day, phe-yew. In order to get through this month, I'm going to have to think a bit more about this.

I really want my blog to be a positive space, to record the beautiful things in our days, our darlings, so we can look back and remember those precious fleeting moments. But as a Mutter, I know that every day is not always beautiful and darlings aren't always, well, darlings. Some days seem to be filled with a never ending to do list, there's a lot of washing, a lot of poo, sleepless nights with sick children, fighting siblings and constantly hungry tummies to fill. It's sad really how easy it is to recall the not so great parts of parenting.

Perhaps by focusing on trying to find beauty in the every day, every day, I might just come out the other side of Blogtober with an even greater appreciation of just how blessed my family is, and live a bit more in the moment, like my children do, which ist sehr gut, ja?


  1. ja! Some days are better than others...I've really enjoyed reading your blog - sehr much :)

  2. Some days are diamonds, some days are... It's true.. Hope the last few days have been much better!

  3. as a blogger i certainly understand wanting to focus on the positive but as a blog reader i really appreciate the dose of complete reality sometimes.