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Veg about in the snowpeas

Joining in with Bellgirl's Veg About. Here are some scenes from the snow pea patch.

The broad beans are looking so healthy and lush. I made lunch yesterday with them, along with other produce from our garden, a sort of broad bean dip. I picked some young garlic, a weedy one to make more room for the more vigorous. The remaining garlic crop won't be ready until mid summer. Fresh young garlic is so sweet. Some mint and parsley. Some moistened stale sourdough. Mooshed together with loads of lemon juice, olive oil. Salt & pepper. Finish with a generous sprinkle of sumac.

Bloody delicious!


  1. welcome home! glad you got in lotsa cocktails on hols. very very important. look at your veggies! very jealous of your broad beans, as i didnt plant anythis year because of the bushrats...maybe the snake will take care of them. yikes. Kxx

  2. That sounds delicous....and to be able to pick the produce straight from your garden is fantastic. The snow peas are looking lush and green!

  3. Yum! Your dip is making me hungry. Just found your blog and will return!

  4. Oh gosh those photo's are green and full of goodness.

  5. I love the look of your snow pea patch! I need to fence out my son as he is ripping the plants out in his quest to pick peas/snowpeas.

    I'll definitely be trying your broad bean dip recipe....sounds delicious.

    It's great to have found another Tassie garden to admire & get tips from.

  6. This sounds amazing, and so much better with everything home grown.

  7. yummy! i think ill have a go at a similar dip this afternoon, thanks for the idea