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Little Darlings

Meet our two new girls, Jasmine and Mary Jane, christened by Miss E. They're our new 16 week old Barnevelders. I know, I know, they look a bit weird now, but they're at that awkward teenager stage, no longer a cute chick yet not quite a blossoming young hen with lovely glossy brown and black feathers and fluffy charcoal bloomers.

That brings our hen count to five and we need to upgrade, extend or rebuild the coop to accommodate the growing flock. Which brings me to the vexed topic of chook housing. Quite a dilemma. Do we go chook dome, (pretty ugly), mobile electric fence, (pretty dangerous) or something like this...

Awright! This is Martha's chook palace. Isn't it dreamy.....well at 10,000USD it sure is... but I've stuck it on my inspiration board, so you never know....
In the meantime I've locked the little ones away from the big girls and will slowly introduce them to Charlotte, Emily and Anne over the next few days.
By the way, in the background is a picture of my effort to espalier a Morello cherry tree. Part of the orchard I've planted. I'll show you more, if you'd like to see it. Would you?


  1. Heck - I'd live in that Martha's chook house, and I'm not even a chicken (believe it or not).

    And yes, yes, yes! I'd definitely love to see more more more!

  2. Of course, we'd love to see more! :)

  3. definatley would love a peek into your garden.
    chooks are lovely - we had a few bantams a couple of years ago.
    we kept them in a large aviary over night and during the day they roamed around the backyard eating all the green.

  4. YES! Please :) I love yr new girls. Kxx

  5. Have you met this bunch of chicken nutters?

    They were a great support when we introduced a new Kath to the coop after a devil took Kim. And, they have a dozens of DIY stunning abodes for the discerning chook.

  6. Your girls are just gorgeous. I love this awkward is very cute. Oh I love hearing other chicken lovers out there....I just love it!
    Please post more pics as they grow..xx

  7. Welcome gorgeous girls. My dad loves chooks and has 6 of them...they have 5-star accommodation as far as I'm concerned. They come running to him when he calls. They adore him. Chooks are so great to have in the garden aren't they?! So good for the kids to grow up with them around too.

  8. would adore more! they look amazing in the sneak peak:)
    and what a splendid chook house...
    x ashley

  9. OOh yes please, more pics of the orchard- And what a lovely chook palace!

  10. Love your chookens! they don't look weird to me, they look adorable. But then I am a bit chook mad. We also have some new girls who have settled in very well. They had their first walk in the 'big garden' today. Enjoy your new babies. x

  11. yowza! that's quite a chook pen! i'm sure i've stayed in B&Bs just as nice!

    yep, show us the orchard. i love an orchard.