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Thrifty Friday

We have two great op shops in our town that are only open on Friday - one run by a church and one is the CWA. Both have fresh produce from local backyards, sweet nanna craft and second hand stuff. Both boast an impressive array of perfectly executed sponges and biscuits, my favourite being peach blossoms, a sort of round pink lamington filled with cream. Today we whizzed through and I found a lovely circa 1978 children's book, and a sweet little hankie, perfectly pressed, but crumpled within half an hour in my possession!


  1. I love the sound of these op shops, especially the sweet treats! How lovely. Isn't it fun to find little treasures, like you did, in the local oppie? It's one of my very favourite things.

  2. FUN is a very important word to know!

    Lovely finds.

  3. Like Angie says, I like their important word!