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This is the tulle cut into strips ready for a no sew tutu I'm making for Elsa's birthday next week. I think my favourite clobber for a little girl must be a tutu, t-shirt and gumboots. These are really easy to make, a few metres of tulle, cut into strips and tied onto a loop of elastic.

This is the third no sew tutu I've ever made. The first one I made for myself with black tulle, when I about, oh 17. I wore it with a black skivvy and super pointy flat shoes, to a Simple Minds concert, I think. The second was when I was a bridesmaid, aged about 20. There were two of us bridesmaids and we were both very poor. We made the tutus and teamed them with a cream spencer and bare feet. With our short and spikey, brightly coloured and heavily gelled hair it would have been quite a look! Sigh, oh those (late) eighties....


  1. Mmm, love tulle! Even if it smells funny when its stored in a plastic bag for 16 years....:)
    I recently found my bridal petticoat, which I also made; it is going to become fruit and vegie bags so I won't have to use plastic! Romantic isn't it?
    And yes, tutus with gumboots are very cute.

  2. I love these tulle skirts. I made one for Poppy while she was still crawling and she spent the whole day trying to crawl away from it.

  3. I look forward to the end result and I must admit the gumboots will be cuter then the pointy shoes..hehe

  4. So cute. So so cute. I'd wear it. All. The. Time.