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Some more

Miss E has been quite sick with the flu this week, but the "fools Spring" weather we've been having means we've been able to spend some time outside - today was Elsa painting, Hugo eating. Typical. And Elsa managed a tune on the piano.

Play group today

Hugo and i went to our Waldorf playgroup today. It's such a calm and beautiful environment - we both love going there. It was our turn to bring the bread dough, and the children knead the dough and make rolls for afternoon tea. First the teacher sprinkles flour over the children's hands to make a flour hand print on the table.

The room is so beautiful and set up for creative play. You can see how ordered the toys are. It's a real fantasy...

Almost spring

Today was a glorious sunny morning. Fog usually lingers in the valley until midday during winter, so a rare sunny morning is a wonderful reminder that spring is almost here. To herald Spring's imminent arrival, the first blossoms appeared on our almond tree, and I have an arm full of pussy willows to bring inside.

Here's also a picture of Annie, one of our gorgeous Barnevelder hens, she's almost one year old and usually impossible to photograph, but we shared a quiet moment this morning inspecting the new daffodils.