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Elsa's world

Elsa's at that wonderful stage where her imagination can take her amazing places to make wonderful things. Here's a world of flower fairies, made from garden blooms and plasticine. Mothers wearing big ball gowns, looking after flower bud babies, eating tiny bowls of fruit. So lovely to watch. She's so clever. (ahem, if I do say so myself).

tiny babies asleep in their beds
glamorous flower mummy with head and hair of plasticine
in their home made of moss, driftwood, stones and curlicues

How do you nurture and encourage that imagination to ensure that it lasts a lifetime?


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  2. Besides the fact that it looks like you're going to be getting some new treads - Elsa's world looks beautiful. You're so right, the imagination can transport you so far away, and it is magic.

  3. Oh that looks so lovely. What a gorgeous little soul getting lost in her own magical

  4. What a charming little scene she created, it must be lovely to watch her at play.

  5. looks like you are doing all the right things for her to carry her imagination for the duration. You wonderful mum you.

  6. oh yes that childhood magic is precious...I would love to know how to preserve it - I'd make jars and jars of it :)
    Lovely little flower people, I hope they continue to visit your Elsa often.

  7. You are doing everything perfectly Michelle - I really believe Elsa will still be the beautiful soul she is now right throught her life. And at 53, I would love someone to give me permission to lie on the floor & do exactly what you've pictured Elsa doing!
    Millie ^_^