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Magical March - mist

March sees the start of the misty season in the valley.  It generally only settles around the river in March, but gradually creeps higher and higher, getting thicker and thicker in the valley as winter continues.  It casts beautiful shadows while it plays with the sunlight trying to shine through.  I love the soft grey light that it creates.  And there's nothing like going for long walks through the mist to look for fairies. 

It does however, make an old farmhouse like ours very dark in winter.  So I'm delighted to announce that the Minister for Finance has approved the Minister for the Interiors' proposal for major capital works to commence in the lounge room.  Beginning with the installation  of a skylight, effective immediately.  Woo Hoo! Let there be light! 


  1. Yippie! Let the light shine in.

    We need to do the same but the Minister for Interiors here has, in her capacity as Minister for (Science) and Technology, decided that a dishwasher is more important to ensure that national harmony continues beyond Harmony Day...

  2. Light is such an important element to a Tassie house mid-winter....I need to get your Minister of Finance send a memo my way!

    P.S. Max sat on the cupcakes I bought for his party so I 'had' to eat them can be kind in the most mysterious ways.

  3. Oh I love that. That reminds me of where i grew up. I just got a little chill from this photo, thanks for shring it here...hope you are well...take care...xx

  4. The words you have written on my blog have blown me away. Thank you for your warmth and love, that has lifted me so high...thank you from the bottom of my

  5. Isn't is wonderful when two government departments finally see eye to eye

  6. What a beautiful photo. I just found your blog, its lovely I too dream of living in the country. Nothing like the excitement of renovating. Best of luck. Carla