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Little dreams

Goals.  Elsa's been writing a list of hers.  Here they are in her own sweet spelling. Too cute to correct. There's a small box alongside each item to tick off as she achieves each one. 
blowing up blouns 
back strok

An admirable list and one that I would happily take on myself.  I'd like to do more making, reading and writing, could certainly do some swimming for exercise.  Must blow up more balloons and be more sensible about money I suppose.   

I am so loving to watch this age. It so wonderful to see what she'll do next, that it almost makes up for her growing up so fast.   

Did you notice the moon rock on her desk?  Amazing huh!


  1. oh Michelle what a fantastic list!!
    love ing

  2. So sweet. I love that she thought of all the fun things but also threw in 'sensible'... very wise :)

  3. Just read your last three posts - all lovely. Little things was particularly sweet, yes love the mist too - a special part of country life unlike smog in the city! and also thought the list was ace. (Noticed she is wearing same pj's as my Sunday!) Cute arm warmers too. I love the way you treasure your treasures x

  4. That is potentially the cutest thing i have read. What a sweet little soul and what realistic and wonderful goals. I love that..still smiling now..thanks...xx

  5. That list is just adorable. What a wise little soul she is.

  6. Just gorgeous. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

  7. teehee! that IS very cute. Good for her for setting down a list of goals.
    My five year old is really getting into writing. She keeps jotting down notes for self and letters to others. adorable.

  8. Oh how gorgeous Miss Elsa's list is! 'Blowing up blouns' is my fave & may her life be filled with them always.
    Millie ^_^