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My little bird, three today. This little man, by my side almost everyday, is so adorable, so demanding, so sweet, so magical, so funny, so kissable. Always with a twinkle in his eye and always hungry. I feel so lucky to have him in my life. Happy birthday my sweet little bird.

Birthday basket and candles ready for very early in the morning
Opening the presents!
Three candles on a wonky strawberry birthday cake. 
One very happy boy.


  1. Oh happy birthday beautiful Hugo. What a special little boy, what a lucky little boy. The cake looks full of love and dedication. Congrats to you mummy on three years of doing a great job...happy

  2. Love the wonky strawberry cak. It looks yummo!! Happy Birthday Hugo!!

  3. Happy birthday Hugo! He looks very myuch like Elsa (brunette version!) in that last photo? three is such a big growth year i think...hope it's a great one :)

  4. Happy Birthday gorgeous Hugo! Looks like a magical day - love all the photos. And that cake, that cake, my goodness, that cake looks incredibly good. YUM! Happy Birthday big boy. x

  5. Happy 3rd Birthday little H. And a happy day to you Michelle.
    Cake looks wonderful.

  6. Looks like a lovely day.

    I've just been mending Max's cape, after a week of 3 boys (aged 2-5) tearing around our house in it (or fighting over it!)

    I meant to say if Hugo's pants don't quite fit I have a slightly larger size I can swap you for.

    The cake looks luscious!

  7. Oh my - what a beautiful magical day for a special boy. The crown is so fantastic. You are going to have so much fun 3 is a great time!

  8. best wishes for the three year old Hugo!
    The celebrations look fun - His crown, candles and cake are lovely ways to mark the special event.

  9. happy birthday hugo - and congratulations to you michelle leo and elsa to the little man of your house turning three

  10. ih yay! birthday crown in action. this makes my day. well your little one is right into his 3rd year already. hope it continues to be happy. xo