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Eye Spy - a new favourite blog

I've known of Molly's blog for sometime, but lets face it, there's simply not enough hours in the day to read every gorgeous blog you stumble across, so I hadn't really visited much.  But I've just finished reading A Homemade Life, and well now I'm going to make time for Molly.  I love her blog.  I love her writing and I love her recipes.  Her writing is so warm and honest, sometimes sad, sometimes funny, always captivating. You know when you finish reading a book that you've really enjoyed, that feeling of sadness you have that it's over :: you want more but there isn't any?  I'm so glad that's not the case here and I can keep reading Orangette.  I can find out what Molly and Brandon are up to, or more importantly, what they are cooking whilst admiring the lovely photos Molly takes using polaroids. And she does love to talk about cake.  Which is just as well, because I love to read about cake.  And eat it.  It's perfect.

And if you can get your hands on a copy of the book do, it's well worth suffering the miserable exchange rate for.  This cake was a recipe from the book I had to try, super easy and super delicious a French Style Yoghurt Cake, we ate it for breakfast on the weekend. Delicious.

Check out some more new bloggy discoveries over at Cindy's and thanks to Jhoanna for this week's great theme.


  1. Oh yes, its a lovely blog. Too many hours spent on there reading back...

    I need to see your skylight - you are my inspiration here! Please let me see how it looks! x

  2. Oh yum, that looks so good! Cake for breakfast is so perfect! I might have to get the book too. Have you seen the book depository website:
    even though it is English the books are still quite cheap and brilliantly there is no postage! Quite often I see books in Fullers that are nearly half price online even with the exchange.