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Hidden treasure

Oh boy, we are in the thick of it now. Today the kitchen sink was ripped out along with the last of the cabinetry and now the space is stripped to its bare bones. Butt naked except for a designer Italian piece in the corner. There is no going back now.

As Hugo was helping he pulled up a loose floor board that revealed a cavity under the house. Sadly there was no long forgotten treasure underneath, so we decided to leave a keepsake of our own.

On a piece of paper, written in purple pencil::
My name is Elsa and I'm 8 years old. I like cooking and drawing and sport! I live in this house with my dog Mabel and 5 chooks and my brother Hugo who is four and my mum and dad. We are fixing the kitchen. I own a restaurant*

This note, along with a few seashells, were put in a jar, carefully placed under the floorboards before Hugo hammered the board back into place. A coat of pavement paint to match the rest of the floor finished off the job.

A little message from Elsa, that perhaps someone will find in the future, when the next kitchen is installed. A hidden treasure.

* Elsa explained that when someone found this note in the future, she'd be a grown up and she would have her own restaurant by then. Sweet words.


  1. Awwwww the sweet words of babes! I hope the dream comes true.

  2. oh, this is very very have a lovely little blog here.