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For one night only...

and a day, the Mothers Market is back and we are thrilled to be there again. And not just for the free bubbly either.  Although that is part of the attraction of this fun and stylish event.

The Mothers Market is where all this cupcake business started, two years ago. Wow!  Can you believe it? We're looking forward to being there to catch up with all those gorgeous stalls and eat Mondo Mama's delicious food.

We'll have our usual flavours and specials like rhubarb and rose, pan forte brownie and our chocolate hazelnut macarons, which are looking rather good now don't you think? All that practice has paid off.

A big weekend for us, baking for three days of markets plus one hundred mini cupcakes ordered for a cocktail party thrown in too.  Yikes! I guess this means the silly season has officially started. I'm definitely going to need that glass of bubbly. Maybe even two.


  1. enjoy! good luck! have fun! xo m.

  2. Gosh busy times for you. The run up to Christmas awaits and we aren't ready at all!

  3. I think I dream of your chocolate hazelnut macarons! They are excellent!