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This spring

The flowers are in full bloom and give the appearance of a proper cottage garden, ahem, in places. We've fox gloves for the first time this year. A new favourite, someone said once you have fox gloves you'll never get rid of them. I must say I'm pretty happy about that.
The children are building fairy worlds with leaves and lichen, and never want to come inside for dinner. I'm weeding, weeding and weeding and that Mabel, cute as she is, is digging holes where they are not wanted. Cheeky.


  1. The Jacarandas are in full bloom and our version of your foxglove, the agapanthus are looking sensational all the way down our driveway.

    Hippeastrums, daisies and other natives are bursting forth and the native birds are loving all of the nectar.

    Mabel looks as happy as any diggity-dog could be with a lovely garden for her playground.

    Felicity x

  2. Those foxgloves are the most amazing colour. My girls are also making fairy nests - they've been using terracotta pots and lining them with leaves and flower petals.

  3. They look so innocent, even with the evidence of their naughtiness! Most of our flowers are yet to bloom, but the blossom on the cumquat trees is lovely. We're enjoying the broad beans at the moment.

  4. Mabel is adorable. Lots of things in our garden this Spring. I just plucked some zucchinis and had them grilled with a pasta and pesto of fresh herbs from the garden... oh and some lettuce from the garden for our salad! Yum! xo m.

  5. i hear that too about fox gloves, but like you i wouldn't mind planting some.
    I am about to sow some more seeds, this time some Echinacea and Chamomile. We have lettuce and cucumbers growing... we pulled out our massive patch and are moving it further down the back of the yard.
    Big things have happened with our patch.

  6. Not to much, it is sadly neglected at the moment, particularly the vegie patch.

    However we do have lots of chinese star jasmine and I cut our only two hippeastrums and brought in to the house today.

  7. hmmmmmmmmmmmm you are not selling the whole puppy dog thing to me - but lovin the garden thing