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Sleepy in the teepee

Summer days on the lawn in the teepee.
Toys, snacks and a sleepy pup. 


  1. Gorgeous pics. It's a dog's life, that's for sure.

  2. Oh Michelle, I love that teepee! Do you know the brand? It looks a bit bigger than ones I have seen before. Our yard is too small for a cubie (sad but true) and my son really wants one. He calls it 'a place to daydream' With a new lawn just weeks away, this could be a good solution.

    It looks like the perfect place to daydream to me:)

  3. Hello Jacki - Santa delivered this teepee, but I believe a similar one can be found here....

    It is the perfect place to dream.

  4. we have that exact teepee, don't you love it?