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The days are long...

...but the years are short.  

I'm indulging in some reminiscing about my baby, who starts kinder this week. He was a pretty darn cute baby don't you think?  I guess, this milestone is a significant one because it means both my children are now at school.  

I. have. school. aged. children. 

We're taking one giant step away from early childhood towards the primary school years. 

Heck that went fast.  Really fast.  And yes, it is great. It means I get time to myself during the day.  It means I can think about expanding my business, take a yoga class, do more gardening, cook more food and watch them grow.  Some more.

I am looking forward to this next stage.  I really am.  But it is sad to say good bye to those full-time stay-at-home motherhood days.  They were hard sometimes but I loved them.  I really did.

I'll just shed a wee tear, or two, then take a deep breath, hold that still chubby hand tightly and we'll take that giant step together.


  1. beautiful michelle.

    i'm trying to savour these stay-at-home-mum days. they'll be gone in the blink of an eye.

  2. Wow me too! My youngest started last Thursday and so far it's going great. Except that today both boys were super tired and crabby after school. I felt really strange about it all the night before he started. I have loved the preschool time with them and yet realise that you can't stop them growing up!

  3. so handsome. i am going to seriously lose it when north goes to school! enjoy a few more quiet moments. and thanks for reminding me to savour the loud ones before they fly by. xo m.

  4. Life's full of new chapters isn't it? This is going to be yet another grand time in your life. Must be a huge thing for young Hugo too! I keep telling myself that the essence of parenting is happy memory making for the little people so I try and make the most of every moment. Having said that, I already dread the whole school thing and my eldest is only 2.5! aaarrggghh. Beautiful pics of your handsome fella. xx

  5. I feel your pain.

    And yes, absolutely beautiful baby grown up into a beautiful big (little) boy. Well done mama, you done good!

  6. what an adorable little baby, those cute little lips! Hope you enjoy your next stage!

  7. Oh, too sweet. You can recognise that little face straight away, can't you? No matter how much more grown up it is looking nowadays.


  8. congrats on moving on mama.

  9. And some of mine are 30-something's... yikes!! Wait until they are finishing Year 12, then it really WILL be your time Michelle & don't think twice about it.
    Millie x