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Meet Me At Mike's

I'm very excited to be taking part in Pip's new series on her lovely blog :: This is my life :: you can check it out here.  Today! Thank you so much for asking me Pip. It was fun!


  1. Hi there - I've just discovered your blog via Planet Baby.. another gorgeous Tasmanian to keep track of! Love your photography... what a talented little miss you are!

    I've just started a new blog - pop on over for a peek when you get the chance

    Angela x
    Mama & The Monkey

  2. i loved reading all about you M. And your cookbook - wow, how exciting. When is the release date?

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this. You have such a wonderful eye for joy and beauty! The glimpses of your days help me frame some new views of my own. And what a gorgeous home and family. Inspiring!!!

  4. I really like your photos and daily life happenings, I think your my link to Tassie... I LOVE TASSIE and Mt Field NT, we like to stay in the cabins there.

    So I hope your having a great weekend, I'll check in again real soon.

    PS: I loved your order of the day, things over time list

    xx Kym
    Maybe you can see me too on

  5. Hi Michelle. Your blog is lovely! I've had a scoot around it and have been so inspired by your photography, your home renos, crafty kid hints and recipes! I noticed your kitchenaid mixer in your photos. I am hoping to buy one for myself soon but was told that kitchenaid are not so good (?!) but you run a business with one. How old is yours and have you had any problems? I obviously won't be using mine as prolifically as yours so your opinion on it will be very much appreciated.