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Fiddle di dee

Loving listening to my girl play the violin, such a beautiful instrument.  And she's practising like crazy,  even after lights out!
Cat says fiddle di dee.


  1. Hi Michelle, Don't you just love beautiful schools that support music making! Our children are so lucky. I saw the lovely article about you and your family and cupcake baking friend in Country Style and just had to pop by and say hi to a fellow steiner mum. My name is Amber and I am a former steiner kindy teacher, now at home with my little 3 year old and running two creatively inspired playgroups from home. I blog about that, and also post crafty ideas for other mama bears. You might like to pop by...
    Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I found your story inspiring and I particularly liked the pic of your dog on the cover! Just delightful. Oh, and your cupcakes sound divine!!!! Vanilla bean and rose-gold pearl cupcakes-my mouth is watering!!!!

  2. When did she start playing? I ask cause Oki has come home from school wanting desperately to play Violin, and we will organize it soon but i was wanting to find out a bit more from others who's little ones play....and voila, here's your post!!
    Loved your article :)

  3. That's great that she enjoys it so much. I didn't enjoy it that much as a kid, but took it back up again last year and am so glad that I'd played it before. I love seeing little kids play the instrument as it's not a particularly easy one.

  4. Lovely! My little girls has played the viola and has just moved onto the flute - she practiced at home the other day and I must say I got a little misty eyed.