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April is a shaping up to be a huge month, least of all because of Mabel's 15 minutes of fame. It was never intended that way, but it is funny how these plan turn out. Starting tomorrow:

Saturday ::  I'm off to the Agrarian Kitchen on Saturday for the Tomato Gluttony class.  Hooray!

Sunday :: a Slow Food dinner at Garagistes, a super cool Hobart restaurant I've been itching to get to.

Monday :: major garden works! We've been waiting over 12 months for him to fit us in, but Dan is finally coming to start the hard landscaping that will transform our yard into a garden.  Stay tuned for 'before and in-progress' shots.

Wednesday :: sees the first of six much loved and missed interstate friends arriving for a big shared 40th birthday celebration for my business partner Jo and another old friend.  Clean up the spare room!

Friday :: dinner with eight gorgeous old friends sitting around our table for a feast of good food, wine and laughs.

Saturday:: a glamourous 40th birthday party, think fresh shucked oysters, wood fired pizzas, giant paella, a super cool DJ and all washed down with gallons of fizz!

And that's just the first week. Then there's a radio interview (!) on ABC local radio the following week, mid term break, then Easter and a Tasmanian tweetup at Mona.

And the biggest event this month? The most important, most talked about, most anticipated event this month? A birthday party for one little guy turning five, possibly the most exciting event of all.


  1. I recognised Mabel immediately as I pulled my Country Style mag from the mail box! Beautiful article and photos:)

    We have something planned for almost everyday of April too, somewhow I don't think it will be half as exciting. Enjoy you good food week!

  2. Beautiful article, my how Elsa has grown since those "Wombats" days. Enjoy your busy week - I don't suppose you can fit in the "Magnus Open Garden" on April 10th?

  3. April is going to be big here too, 5 family birthdays, and a big half-century party for Rob (in two weeks time-eek), with a few surprises. We couldn't help ourselves and decided to have it at the hut. Sadly it won't be finished in time, but we'll still have it there, fingers crossed for fine weather! Just adds a little extra complexity for catering for 40 without an oven on site! But hopefully the hut will be nearing completion by the end of April. Look forward to seeing the birthday celebrations unfold, and let us know when you're on the radio!

  4. Just had my son's first birthday, I can't even imagine his fifth!!! It sounds like a busy but GOOD month, not unlike mine own. (More birthdays here too). Enjoy!

    Lovely blog. Always graceful, stylish and inspiring.

    Nada (de-lurking)

  5. Loved the Country Style article. I think my brother and sister inlaw are going to be at the Slow Food dinner on Sunday. The restaurant looks lovely.

  6. Hi Michelle, just got my hands on the magazine, I LOVE the laughing picture. Happy birthday to Hugo!!! When are you on the radio?? I'd love to hear it.

  7. Hi, read the article in Country Style and had to read the blog. Love that dog photo she is so cute. Good luck with your busy April.

  8. Wow! That's quite a list. Happy 5th birthday to your little boy! :)