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Green fuzz

Autumn has arrived.  After last week's Indian summer, it's now very cool and very wet.  All of a sudden those familiar autumnal smells of damp ground, wet leaves and wood smoke fill the air. And it's been raining.  A lot.  So much so, that I have been a little concerned about our brand new garden.

It's almost a week since all the action in the garden.  By some magic, a clever bloke with a spray can and another clever bloke driving (well it was more like dancing really, delicate moves whilst pivoting on his scoop) a large excavator has, using something like 18 cubic metres of clean fill, 16 cubic metres of compost,  8 cubic metres of gum mulch and 20 cubic metres of sawdust, turned our scruffy, hodgepodge of a yard, into the beginnings of a garden.

We now have 3 times as much flat lawn area (well, will be lawn when the seeds grow), a hedge made up of 140 westringias, and curves.  Lots of curves. We have snaky winding paths and curvy garden beds and a sweeping well defined driveway.  It's beautiful.  And very grown up.

Apart from the hedges, nothing else is planted and the garden beds have been thickly mulched to patiently wait until winter for their new plants.  No instant garden makeover here, these things take time. It's all looking a bit brown right now.  And a little autumnal.
But this morning, a delightful surprise.  Green fuzz. Baby grass.  All bright green amidst the brown. Almost spring like really.  A sign of things to come. Grow you good thing.


  1. With all this rain your garden and grass should flourish.
    By the way, I was in my local coffee shop and reading their copy of country style when I saw your story. Lovely article and kitchen. Well done :)

  2. Hi Michelle-one of my ab fab Cramps songs!

  3. It's always nice when something positive comes out of a huge rain fall- whether it's a full water tank or new growth. It will be lovely to see the westringias in bloom :)

  4. I love the winding curves, it will be lovely, new grass is so soft a bit like a new babies fuzz except you can walk on it.

  5. We certainly did have a lot of rain didnt we, my water tank was overflowing and the creek at the bottom of the garden has turned into white water rapids.
    You sound like you have been very busy and will be looking forward to seeing pics of your garden come spring time.

  6. oh I love your new curves! ;) as much as I know we need it I'm over the rain now! can't wait to watch your garden flourish.

  7. Oh how I am longing for some rain. Your garden and grass will be flourishing in no time.

    I sat down to read the latest issue of my favourite mag last night and read your story...truely amazing and inspiring!!

    Enjoy your weekend

  8. I love the sound of your westringia hedge and the look of all those curves.

  9. I love newly planted gardens and the promise of wonderful things to come.

    My stomach is grumbling reading all of your foodie news. How great would a steaming hot bowl of pho be on a cold, wet morning! And that pizza!!

  10. It's wonderful to see your plans panning out in front of you, isn't it? Little steps as you say. I often wonder how those instant garden make overs look six months later...