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Movin' on up...

When we heard that Matthew and Ross were heading up to Flinders this weekend, Jo and I moved in on their site at Salamanca for the day.  Muscling in and sharing the turf with Bruny Island Cheese and Anne's legendary jam.  From Rare Foods to cupcakes, it's not such a big leap is it?

Salamanca Markets are big, really huge, with over 800 stalls it's a Saturday institution in Hobart that's been going strong for over thirty years.  Arriving at 7am to set up, already the coffee cart was doing a roaring trade amongst the buzz of zooming fork lifts, the clang of steel poles as stallholders built marquees and burly blokes unloaded box after box of fresh produce.  I found it very daunting and exciting at the same time, and almost, nearly felt like being at one of Paris' open air markets.

We had a great day, with wonderful feed back from lovely new customers, sold a lot of cakes and I got a real feel for the market, having never really spent a great deal of time there before.  It was a huge contrast to our regular Sunday gig, with thousands of people milling through the market, it was amazing to be a part of it for one day.

Today we were back at our home turf at the sunny Tas Farm Gate market, much smaller but I like it like that.  Today I stocked up on favourite sourdough, Jacinta's amazing pasta sauce and Paulette's delicious tomatillos for our Sunday night feast.

Who knows, maybe down the track we might consider being at both markets every week.  It'd be big. It'd be huge. Could we do it? We'd love too!

Hmmm..sorry guys, I don't think you're getting your stall back.


  1. Sounds like a great experience, if a little overwhelming! 800 stalls? Wow. Is there husband parking or a mens creche? :)

  2. Your day sounds brilliant and exciting. I remember visiting the market there at Salamanca, I loved it. Also your place looks amazing in country style, I am a little more swayed to make the country move.

  3. Sounds like loads of fun. My husband and I are playing with the idea of coming to Tasmania over Christmas holidays this year. I can't wait- it's my dream spot, I just know it! xo m.

  4. Wow- that is exciting! We ran through the market on Saturday to buy flowers and pick up our cheese from the Wursthaus, sorry we missed you- sounds like you had a great day- and apart from the morning when it would have been a bit chilly it was a glorious autumn day!

  5. How fantastic for you.
    I missed out on meeting you face to face by one weekend :(

  6. You know when you hear something raved about and when you finally get there its a disappointment? Well the Salamanca Market was not such a thing! We were there last September and despite the crowds, I loved it!! Congrats on muscling in and your great day.
    ...that 'want-to-go-back-to-Tassie' feeling is back again now...

  7. If I ever make it to Tassie I will definitely be visiting these markets :)

  8. I'll bet they loved every crumb of your cupcakes.
    About to book holiday. Salamanca is a step closer again...

  9. Thanks heaps! Now I have that dang sond in my head.