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Slow down

I've been neglecting this space lately as I've been very distracted. With life. It seems our life is going through a transition phase.  There has been a real shift in my children's behaviour and what they expect from their days.  Their horizons are broadening.

Our days are a blur of school, work, travel, homework, soccer, walking the dogs and play dates. More and more they want to run off and play with their friends in the neighbourhood.  Home from school and out the door to play and come home at dark. I can't follow them around with my camera any more.

When I started this blog my little ones were at home, and I wanted to document our days to help remember the good things.  Now they're at school and the days are whizzing by and I find myself struggling to find the time to keep up, let alone stop and notice those good things, those special moments.  And even those moments are in transition like my children.

I really want life to slow down, to go back, but I know that's not going to happen. Instead I have to really rethink how to capture those good things.  So I can remember them. Remember to bring my camera,  remember to pause and to notice the good things.  Before those little ones get big and run away for good.


  1. Some times I can get my boys to sit for me for photos but the look on their faces has a definite sour tone! I love how they are growing up and becoming their own person. They are actually quite entertaining if I don't dwell too long on the fact that they soon will not need me for anything. :>(

  2. It appears you have done what the best of Mum's do Michelle-prepared your kids to join the world as confident social little beings,bravo ! Enjoy this new phase of your life there are exciting days ahead.
    Millie x

  3. I think I'm right where you are on this parenting journey. I've blogged since my boys were just a toddler and a baby and this year they're both at school. I'm not sure what to do with my blog now. This month I'm doing a photo challenge and have done a bit more crafty stuff... but I'm still feeling kinda lost. I really get your desire to slow down or go back. Maybe it's weird but I almost feel some sort of loss/grief that I'll never be the mother of preschoolers again.

  4. I know exactly how you feel. I have just come back from an under 8's day at school, I forgot the camera. Most afternoons, the kids are out on the street with the neighbours kids, only coming inside for a drink or food. I find I am planning more family time on the weekends just to stay connected.

    I have also been feeling a little weird knowing that both of my children will be in school full time next year. I will no longer be needed by them as I have been in the past. I need to adjust as they are. But I think it is a little harder for adults:(

  5. It is hard to capture every moment-I know that often I'm caught up doing whatever it is, that I totally forget to take a photo.
    I don't know how you fit in blogging around everything else you've been up to recently- but I do miss your posts.

  6. You struck a chord there Michelle. Times they are a changing...ready or not! I really look forward to reading your posts x

  7. All of what you said is so true. Some days I miss the intense parenting of my girls' pre-school years but other times I am so grateful that we have all gained a little space from each other and appreciate out time together more. I think it will always be that way.