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Blunnies off

IMG_1649 by sweet sunday

IMG_1634 by sweet sunday

It's quiet around here because it's school hols right now.  We've kicked off our Blunnies and headed outdoors, enjoying bare feet on the grass and the warm spring weather.  Might be time to invest in a pair of these I think.  We have made marshmallows and popcorn for picnics under the birch trees.  

This weekend we head off to gorgeous Lily Cottage for some beach time with friends.   Before we go there's lists to write and I'm dreaming of delicious things to cook on the campfire. It might be warm, it will probably be cold.  Actually, it might also be time to invest in some of these too.   

Hello spring, it's so very good to see you.


  1. Just received my replacement yellow Saltwaters last week. Wore my last pair to death last summer. have good pricing #protip

  2. The spring weather is lovely.
    Yummy those marshmallows look delicious. What recipe do you use?

  3. I am getting some yellow saltwaters as a treat to myself for my recent birthday. Homemade marshmellows are great and taste so much better than bought, your look great!

  4. The warmewr weather has been delightful hasn't it! We kicked our shoes off yesterday too :)
    Have an amazing time at your gorgeous cottage :)
    Ps. I am lusting after some Saltwater Sandals for The Munchkin and I also.

  5. Yes! I have red saltwaters. I love them. Do it.

  6. I love saltwaters too, but I love my wetsuit more. Enjoy your holiday.

  7. I stayed there when I cycled the east coast in 2010 - we found it thanks to a locals suggestion but we didn't grab their number. I'd love to go back but I lost Andy's number - could you please send it to me?