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The race is on...

Spring is here, the westerlies blow and the race is on in the garden.  There are seeds to sow, beds to mulch, trees to feed and weeding, weeding and more weeding, before the blighters get a foothold.

Like most things in my life, I'm kinda a last minute gal, and whilst most gardeners will have their summer seedlings already shooting forth, to allow maximum time to grow during the warmer months, my seeds and potatoes are still in the mail.   Except for my tomatoes, which I finally sowed today.  Unfortunately the problem with this last minute approach was made apparent during my mad dash to the hardware store today, with very slim pickings left in the tomato seed section.  I think I nabbed the last six packets of unheard of varieties like Thai pink egg, yellow pear, Wapsipinnicon peach, Ponderosa Pink, Burwood prize and Cerise.  Only one red tomato out of the lot of them.  It will be interesting to see how they fair, all pink, peach and yellow.  Next year I will be more organised. For sure.  But tonight at least, I can rest on my laurels, confident in the knowledge that we're in for a bumper summer tomato crop. Just as we open the last bottle of passata too.  And I make a note to myself to get organised earlier next year.

In other parts of the garden, the garlic is growing like crazy, but the asparagus is more Mary Celeste than Mary Washington, there's absolutely no sign of it.  Lucky the vigorous and tasty pick again broccoli is living up to its name to make up for the asparagus shortfall.  

Along with being a mad rush to sow seeds in time, it's also a constant battle, this gardening caper. It's me vs weeds, slugs and those pesky black birds, that pull up seedlings, dig holes in the beds and flick mulch all over the paths. It's no wonder they were made into pies.  What happened to that culinary trend I wonder?  But looking into the lemon tree today, I spied a brand new baby black bird, they seem so harmless with they're little.  Next to their charming speckled blue eggs.  This little one will no doubt grow up to torment me next spring, probably as I race around the garden in a mad last minute planting frenzy again, having paid no heed to my own advice at all.


  1. looking forward to seeing your garden as it grows.

    And yes, so cute and innocent that little bird now :)

  2. Funny - I just made the very same dash this morning ... tomorrow I am loading them all into toilet rolls and willing them to sprout ... my chant this season .. I will be a more organised vegie patch owner!

  3. Oh wow! Baby bird! The colour of the eggs....amazing.

  4. Plenty of goodness to be found here. I remember your toms from last year - here's hoping for a bumper crop. They look like blackbird eggs, beautiful blue and speckles.

  5. i have just planted my seeds, some have shot through the potting mix and tiny little leaves have appeared. I love my greenhouse and everyday i go in there to see if a tiny bit of green is poking through the potting mix.
    I definately know what you mean about weeds, my legs are killing me from the weeding, and loads more to do. not the weather for it today though!

  6. Your garden 'planning' sounds like mine. I have something of a seed-packet stash; last weekend with a growing sense of urgency, I sorted through them all and got some sown; all the while fighting the memories of last year when birds and bugs got almost everything.
    I think the next project for the kids and I will be to make some bird-scarers; maybe even a scarecrow.
    May your garden grow & thrive.

  7. I think it's pretty clear now. We need to move in together.

    You'll probably find a whole new love for weird varieties. Red is so last season