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Market and moving slowly

A busy week in the kitchen in preparation for last weekend's Mothers Market.   I love that market.  It was one of the first of its kind in Hobart, and while not a regular one anymore, when it is on, it's fantastic.   We ran the cafe again.  A chance to cook delicious food, both sweet and savoury, in the gorgeous vintage kitchen.   We used crockery from the stunning china cabinet, filled with vintage treasures of tea cups, cut glass bowls and Alfred crockery.  I could easily move into the hall if I was allowed, and happily cook all day.  I wish I wasn't so busy and had taken more snaps.

On Friday night we made curries and old school chicken sandwiches washed down with pink champagne.  Next morning for breakfast we made rhubarb and granola with greek yoghurt, herb and cheddar muffins, baked on site so they were lovely and warm and smoked salmon and creamy scrambled egg ciabattas.  For lunch the ciabatta continued, baked by Jay at Pigeon Hole, with soppressa or ham crammed with salad, and a quinoa and broad bean salad loaded with mint and feta.  No pictures but all gobbled up pronto.

Today, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with how busy things are, and as ever, Amanda's words of wisdom remind me to "move as slowly as I can, as mindfully as can be."   I still read her blog every morning, five years on, and get so much inspiration from her.  I feel better already.


  1. I was following you on other people insagram pictures. Lol it seems every was quite taken with your food and the market.
    I feel the same sometimes..too much to do and it clouds my brain. Sometimes its nice to tackle one thing at a time...saves at least a little sanity.

  2. "go gently".....were wise words a friend imparted to me.
    i try to remember them when I am overwhelmed by my busy-ness.

  3. Food and photos beautiful as always! I could also benefit from moving slowly at the moment...thanks for the link!

  4. I have every faith in you. You are remarkable. x

  5. Oh my goodness I ADORE that green crockery! I love that market too and your food looks amazing. Well done :-)

  6. Sounds (and looks) absolutely delicious! Very wise words from Amanda, I'll keep them in mind :)

  7. Ok all the mention of delicious food has made my mouth water!
    CHeck this fun quiz if you want -
    Cooking Quotient Test
    How much of a cook are you?

  8. Hope you have the chance to unwind a bit before the craziness of Christmas

  9. Ooh nice stall in front of the kitchen :o)
    My fave was definitely the friday night curry! so good it inspired me to cook curry this week. YUM! hopefully there will be another mothers market soon, the hall was just beautiful.

  10. I'll bet you were busy, but damn that looks like fun. Gorgeous old hall, and crockery.
    Keep breathing.