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Climbing mountains

Mountain climbing.  Not something I ever really thought about before.   Not on the long wish list of goals I want to achieve, not in the actual physical sense anyway.  But that's exactly what we did on our recent trip to Thredbo, we, all four of us, climbed Mt Kosciuszko. A gorgeous 13 kilometre hike through the most exquisite alpine landscape.  Valleys filled with summer flowers, clusters of smooth boulders and crystal clear streams.  It was magical. 

We stayed at the village for four days, there was chair lift rides, bob sleds and a fabulous pool to soothe those aching muscles.   At night, cozied up at out ski lodge, we ate delicious food, played loads of scrabble and celebrated our achievements. 

I was so proud of our little ones walking the entire way to the top of the mountain, without any complaints or requests to be carried. No need to add mountain climbing to the list.  We've already done it. Yep, mountain climbers, that's me, that's us.

Happy New Year friends!


  1. Happy New Year with a lot of great things to do and see.

  2. Wow, what a great way to spend time as a family, Happy New Year!

  3. Hooray!!!!! What a wonderful thing to do.
    You guys are so ace.
    Happy, healthy and sweeeeeeeeet 2012 our lovely friends. xx

  4. I love Thredbo in the summer- beautiful!
    Happy New Year, I have a sneaky suscpicion 2012 has a whole lot of wonderful in store for you.

  5. Happy, healthy 2012 to you & yours.
    Great thing to do with the kids, big sense of achievement conquering mountains. Our honeymoon wound up with climbing Kosciusko in December 1999. Alpine flowers & little patches of snow. We had to wrap our woollen jumpers around our heads to stop the numbing cold. You look like you had beautiful weather.

  6. How gorgeous, I love it when kids blow your socks off. Climbing a mountain is impressive. Happy New Year. Cx.

  7. Holy moley, superb outlook there. What a beautiful holiday, this is the stuff that forms the best memories for us as adults don't you think?

    I often reminisce with my cousins about our holidays away, we would camp on the beachfront with no TV and probably not even a radio. A far cry from us with our devices now. But....time does change and we embrace it accordingly.