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Friends, old and new

Some of the happiest times on our recent trip was spent catching up with friends, not only dear long time ones, but meeting online friends in real life.  

First stop was Mt Gnomon Farm to pick up our delicious Christmas ham from Guy and Eliza.  Guy gave us a tour of their stunning farm.  Guy and I had spent a lot of time on the phone chatting about various things porcine during the year, and I was pleased to not only meet him, but see how happy his pigs and other farm animals look.  

After a night on the ferry the super lovely Ruth, from Gourmet Girlfriend, invited us over for breakfast and a bowl or two of her famous coffee.  You've got to admire a gal that roasts her own coffee beans. I loved Ruth before I met her and now I love her even more!  

On the way home we spent the night the at Daylesford.  Oh I love that town.  Beautiful to look at, filled with gorgeous buildings and lovely people.   We had a delicious dinner at Breakfast and Beer, before dropping in at Fox's Lane to meet the gorgeous Kate, Brendan, Jazzy and Pepper.  The grown ups talked and the kids played on the trapeze. We all wished we lived closer so we could drop in more often, such was the super nice time we had.

On the way home, Whole Larder Love's Ro invited us over to his gorgeous family home to share a most tasty lunch of nettle pesto, which was one of the culinary highlights of our trip. I had a tour of Ro's impressive vegetable garden and couldn't help but be inspired by his enthusiasm.  No wonder that Ro is going places, his joy of food and gardening is utterly contagious! 

When we arrived in Melbourne that night, we had stayed the night with old friends and enjoyed a Croatian feast,  which I haven't stopped dreaming about since, before catching the early morning ferry home. 

I didn't take many of pics of those moments.  But I'll always remember them.  It makes me feel so happy when I think about those times spent with dear friends, both old and new, how friendly, generous and wonderful they are in person, and that the gorgeous and inspiring personalities that shine through on their blogs is so very real and true.  


  1. Looks like you've had a great time. I love that picture with the bunting :) I hope you're all recharged for what looks like a really exciting year!

  2. Lovely post, sounds beautiful! I love the photo of the cafe with the skis in the background :)

  3. Wow Michelle, how fun! You visited a list of bloggy super-stars & gorgeous friends; no photos means you were so in the moment you could care less; and THAT is what it's all about.

  4. Oh we loved your fleeting visit so much.
    We still talk about that fun night and how we wish you lived closer. So happy you came.
    Come again soon. xxx

  5. Sounds like a beautiful time away! I've just discovered your blog and it's heaven. So serene. Am your newest follower now too! Happy new year xx

  6. Have just returned home from our holiday to read of yours!
    I loved you before I met you and now I love YOU even more!
    It was the BESTEST start to my holidays EVER!

  7. Totally rad to finally meet you!!! What a lovely family of yours.....please come again!!!