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Here we go...

Until yesterday, if it wasn't for the car filled with cherry pips and the towels from the morning's swimming lessons fluttering on the clothes line, (along with Elsa) you'd never know it was summer.  It's been so cool and mild.

But yesterday and today have been hot.  Really hot.  So we're lounging around, not heading out until dusk and trying to keep cool.  Frozen strawberry smoothies for the kiddos, black ice coffee for me.  The lawn is dry, the garden neglected and the chooks breeding like crazy.  We have 18 chooks now!

I haven't had much time for this space, but I have been writing posts in my head.  I just need to figure out how to download them to blogger.  Most of my spare (ahem) time has been working on the new MONA Market, known as MoMa.  It starts this Saturday and will run every week until Easter.  Brimming with fresh produce, flowers, honey, banana splits and samosas plus a little bit of handmade craft, it's a market Jim, but not as we know it.

What an amazing project it has been to work on.  I feel giddy with excitement.  And a little bit nervous.


  1. MoMa sounds amazing...straight to my 'things to do in Tassy' list! Will it run later in the year or will it finish at Easter? Good luck for Saturday :)

    1. Thanks Jane, the market will finish at Easter, but I'll keep you posted on when it starts again.

  2. Love the photos and the boots,Good luck on the market

  3. These photos of your daughter swinging from the hills hoist are fantastic! I love them. Carol

  4. What brilliant photos - and a new market is so exciting. I just wish I could come and visit - I love a market!!

  5. Love the Hills Hoist & love the sound of that market...but need my iced coffee milky!

  6. Love the flowery pink skirt with blunnies. Wish I could get away with that look.
    I was chatting to Guy from Mt Gnomon about the market, I'll try to get there. Although it's hard to get Rob away from the garden at the moment! But you must be so excited about seeing all your work come to fruition on Saturday.

  7. wish i was there....there would be champagne! xx
    clever clever gal

  8. I hope to come up for a browse at the markets, you are right about the weather what a stinker and then that rain last night, it came flooding in the windows and doors that i left wide open to cool the house down !!
    Really enjoying your updates and the pics, hows the greenhouse going??

  9. Wow, no wonder you're so excited about the market! I'm really looking forward to it and am planning on being there for a while on Saturday - might see you there ;)