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In my spare time...

I'm starting to question the wisdom of my decision to launch my jam empire at the MoMa this weekend.   Sitting at the table surrounded by stacks of precariously balanced jars of jam, piles of sticky labels and boxes of perfectly ripe fruit, I can't help think I've bitten off the proverbial more than I can chew.   The children have been whisked off to their Nonna's and I have a clean run in the kitchen to churn out as much jam as I can to sell at the first market this Saturday.  That's in err, two days.

I've been thinking about making jam for a long time.  Around here in the Huon Valley it's hard not to. There is such an abundance of beautiful fruit in our valley, that to me, it seems silly not to preserve it in a jar and capture those sweet sunny fruits, to enjoy later in the year.

I want to make jam that is all about the fruit and celebrates the people and places it comes from. If I haven't grown the fruit myself, or picked it myself, I know who did.  Each flavour will be made in small batches, and in limited editions.

So yes, in the super-charged exciting times of Mona Foma, MoMa and the Minnie Mouse Gangster Feathered Serpent Diamond Grill Tent, during the school holidays, in the last minute rush of coordinating workshops, chasing up speakers and a media call (eep!), in my spare time I am launching my jam empire. Apple Town Jams.   You can call me Lady Jar Jar.


  1. Funny. I'm making jam for the first time ever. (I bought a thermomix and the jam recipes look very do-able.)
    Made 4 jars of plum jam from plums I bought at $1 a kilo. It tastes great! Very very happy.
    Good luck at the market. Your jars look irrestistible.

  2. Love it Michelle! Good luck at the market...your jars looks beautiful, love the labels.

  3. They look absolutely covetable. Good luck with all your wonderful plans.

  4. Hooray for you Lady Jar Jar!
    You are going to be such a hit.
    I am so super excited for you.
    Can't wait to hear all about it.

  5. Great work Michelle, Your jars and labels look lovely and Blueberry and Balsamic sounds delicious. I hope you survive the next couple of days at not too frantic a pace. The worst part about jam making for me is all the sticky surfaces I create which tell me just how messy I am in my jam making process. Can't wait for the update. Carol

  6. I'll have to try some of your jam when I return to Hobart! You've done a great job with the labelling and packaging- looks very chic ;) Good luck with the jam making! You sound passionate enough to pull it off :D

  7. Well I'll be seeing you tomorrow then - I LOVE Apricot Jam!

  8. You will knock this off in a flash Michelle in your normal extraordinary way! I'll be keeping a very close eye on this new enterprise, MOTH's been wanting to do this with jams & sauces in the Adelaide Hills for ages. He's even thought of a bonza name for his business 'Undisclosed Sauces' & that inspiration took at least 6 stubbies of Coopers.
    Millie xx

  9. Oh yay, how fabulous!! Wish we lived closer!

  10. looks amazing! hope it all went well :) keep us posted!

    Kel x

  11. I can confirm the Apricot Jam tasted spectacular on my toast this morning. Had to fight past 3 photographers at your table just to buy a jar!

  12. your jam looks as pretty as you.
    hope it ALL got sold Michelle!
    awesome lady jar jar that you are are