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With the mercury rising over 40 degrees this weekend, I was so grateful to be invited away for a night at a beach house for a ladies getaway.   A stunning location, delightful friends, delicious food, wine and a warm (ish) sea to swim in.  It doesn't get any better.



  1. Sounds like a beautiful weekend, and just what we all need sometimes! I hope the rain is falling now, what a hot week it was. Enjoy your Monday, hopefully feeling refreshed & relaxed! xo

  2. Those beach pics are spectacular. Beaches in Tassie have a unique look dont you think? Pristine and beautiful. And so hot down there for you guys!!

  3. Dropping in to say hi and tell you that I really enjoy stopping here. Also I'd love to know how things came to be for you moving from Sydney to tassie. We are looking for a forum or some way of getting an idea of what living there is like. I hope I am making sense, we love Tassie and are considering moving there. We'd love to hear of your experience. My email is
    Thanks and good evening to you