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The not so smalls went back to school this week, brown as berries with sun bleached hair. Now I find myself child free for 5 days of the week!   And while I do miss them during the day, I think they were well and truly ready to go back, see their friends and get on with the important job of learning.

With all this "free time" on my hands I had hoped to resume regular posting this week, but those intentions have been thrown out the window as I've been busy catching up on chores. My first mission is to give my house some lovin', which has been sorely neglected over the summer and to turn my attention to the wild and overgrown garden.  But more likely, I'll be heading to my favourite spots for some blackberry picking. A quiet country lane and a few buckets and I'm as happy as can be, no hardship at all, just need to watch for snakes.

Today I'll be printing labels, making more jam with those luscious fat and juicy late summer peaches, and getting ready for the market tomorrow.

Despite my lack of updates in this space, I am a very prolific Instagram (@hugoandelsa) user, and seem to be more there than here.  Is it just me I wonder, but is the Iphone killing blogging?


  1. I do love the instant nature of instagram, the immediate sharing of what you're up to and seeing what others are doing.
    But the blog is where I go back to when I want to see what I really did, how I was feeling etc. I have ditched twitter really though and even Facebook to a certain extent.
    Honestly I would miss your blog if you stopped writing here. You're one of the blogs that got me started in the first place.

  2. I think the iPhone is just a different way of blogging. I do love the instagramming too, as much as I love blogging and shooting with a DSLR instead of the iPhone.

    beautiful looking peaches, and I'm jealous of your blackberry haul. Here in Canberra they tend to poison the bushes and you have to be in the know to find out where the unpoisoned bushes are (although I have heard it's as easy as phoning the local government)

  3. That fruit looks luscious Michelle! I am with Hazel on the blogging issue and your blog is amongst my favourites :) Happy Friday!

  4. yum. fruit, peace and no need to speak. just time in your head. brilliant lol enjoy :)
    (from one who thinks the school holidays should be longer over Christmas, so I do enjoy them)

  5. I'm so sick of iphones....sick of hearing about apps & sick of seeing people staring at them instead of the person they are with. Also after driving 4-5 days/nights a week as a musician I'm so angry at seeing people txting while driving!! Two cars have veered into my lane just this week.
    I know your not doing anything annoying or dangerous with yours M but I am sick of iphones. I lovvve Blogs :)

  6. Hi Michelle,

    Sorry, this comment is way out of context... but I hope you have a spare moment for a 'white' question. As a fellow lover of food, lover of Tassie, lover of tip / op / antique shops, grow your own, a make your own-er, plus mother of 3 at Steiner ... I feel like theres enough commonality to be a question of you. I have been following your beautiful blog for an age now, and in mid renovation ourselves i find myself wishing you were a cupppa-tea kinda friend so you could commiserate with me on our current disaster.... our white is not white. SOB. It's called Princess Bling for goodness sake... how more white can you get?! Quite a lot apparently! So i was hoping you could tell us the name of your kitchen white... in your spare (ha!) time of course!

    THanks for sharing your talents in this blog ... we all appreciate it!

    1. Hi Katja, let me put the kettle on and we can talk.

      White can be tricky, there are so many to chose from. We have used Dulux Antique White USA throughout our house, it's a very pale creamy white, a warm white I guess. I do find it yellows slightly as it ages, it's been four years since we painted the lounge room and it does seem to be getting "creamier". But then, maybe the walls just need a good scrub! I really like the all Dulux whites, and they have some great "white" brochures to help choose the right white.

      But then I have a friend with impeccable style who just buys untinted white paint. Just white paint. And paints her (older style) house with just that, and it always looks fantastic.

      I hope this helps, Katja.