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Minnie Mouse and beekeeping

I know most of posts seem to revolve around the market lately but it is such a huge part of my life right now, it's hard to think about anything else.

Last Saturday, we unveiled the Minnie Mouse Gangster Feathered Serpent Diamond Grill tent installation.  Where NY artist Daphane Park transformed the stalls into the most amazing Quetzalcoatl inspired creature.  It looks so amazing and festive, and was a creation that pulled in the talents of so many local welders, die castors, powder coaters, ceramists and crafts people to complete.  It really is quite magical.

Over in the corner, my role has been to curate the workshops that we are running each week.  So far we have covered "how to" topics like sourdough starters, portioning a rabbit, cool climate wines and edible weeds.  This week we have traditional bread shaping, pasta making and next week I am super excited to have a backyard biodiesel workshop.  Can you imagine making your own petrol? I'm keen to get my scything mates to do a workshop too, just not sure what they could cut...there's not a blade of grass out of place on the MONA grounds.
Last week, Yves the lovely bee keeper spoke in his gorgeous French accent about backyard beekeeping.   I learnt that if I raise my hives a foot off the ground, the bees will start working around two hours earlier.  With a workforce of 50 000, that's 700 000 extra work hours a week.  That's a lot of honey!

I still have a few more workshop slots to fill.  So do you have any ideas?  What would like to see and learn about in a 30 minute workshop? 


  1. Learning about beekeeping from a guy with a French accent- where do I sign up!

  2. how about preserving (bottling) fruits, leatherwork, drying fruits,seasonal cooking, keeping various livestock, simple living, sour dough breads, spinning and weaving, growing vegies fron seed, i need to stop

  3. Hello Michelle. I saw Yves in a documentary a few years ago and was entranced...with his beekeeping skills of course! These workshops sound fabulous (and the market). Visited Mona last year,fantastic place!
    Ps. Love your blog! :)

  4. I would love to know more about bees. We've been thinking about having our own bees for ages. Have you heard of a Kenyan Top Bar hive? We're looking at this sort, there are other top bar variations too.

  5. I went to MoMa on the weekend and saw this fab creation.
    I took a picture of the minnie face and when i got home i saw that the eyes looked like i had cut and pasted them back on. It was such a great effect in the picture. Then I wondered how the artist had made them look like that...with your pictures I just answered the question.