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Steam punk kitchen...

The kitchen's looking a little steam punk here today with copper pipes, brass fittings and gauges cluttering up the space.  We're on the home stretch now. I think we can light the oven tonight.

Meanwhile, the table is covered with the creative mess of sickly peeps making paper dolls :: pencils, sharpenings, tracing paper and scissors.

It feels truly autumnal today, cold and rainy, with a chill inside caused by the wide open doors to allow the plumbers' lengths of hoses, pipes and lagging to flow out the kitchen.

Hugo is home sick with a cold, but we have the fire on, apple sauce simmering, (from our own apples!) and our tomatoes ripening on the window sill.  A perfect day to light the Rayburn. Yes, all is well here in the steam punk kitchen.


  1. Fantastic. It sounds so cosy. We lit the fire on Saturday which seemed very early in March to be doing such things.

  2. steam punk is totes the new black dontcha know?!
    you are so fashion forward Michelle.
    i totes can. not. wait. to hang out with you in your steam punk kitchen

  3. Loving the look of those apples and tomatoes! I think I can smell them from here!

  4. So happy that it's all finally coming together! The weather is perfect for it at the moment- autumnal weather is some of our best here I always think. Sunny enough to be outside, but cool enough to warrant warm jumpers, cups of tea and sitting inside!