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White on White

After the great bedroom swap of December, we moved into the kids old room, which has a wonderful big window and built in cupboards. Trouble was, I hadn't got around to clearing out the clutter from our now lost study so we were sleeping in half bedroom half office.   The walls, painted a greeny icy blue, were cruddy and marked with little and not so little kid scribbles, beeswax sculptures and glitter glue.  Not the calm and soothing sanctuary of my dreams.

Yesterday, I had ten kid free hours, the perfect time to tackle painting the room and clearing out the mess.  Our whole house is pretty much painted Antique White USA, which is lovely when it's freshly painted but I'm finding that it tends to look too yellow after a time, so I went for a brighter white.  Dulux White on White.  I love it.  It's my new favourite white.  The only trouble was I couldn't reach the top of the walls so I had to leave it blue.  I don't mind it but I don't think the Mister does.

I will wait a few days before a hand some pictures, but for now I'm loving the clean white clutter free space.  We bought the old ladder years ago from a country fair in NSW somewhere.  We were living in a modern studio apartment in Sydney's Chippendale, it only just fit through the door and our friends thought we were nuts.  After carting it around for years, I think it's finally found a home.  A place to hang my new Cabbages and Roses coat, that I just can't wait to wear once the weather turns cooler.

Next week, we have some final renovations of the kitchen kind.  I can't wait to show you.

Right now...
Loving this space...via 
Can't wait for my copy of this to arrive...
Excited to be meeting this lovely lady soon...
Scared but hopeful by this talk


  1. Loving the new white look, so fresh, we had the whole hut painted white watsonia (i think) it's slightly creamy, but suits the warmth of the timber inside. We still haven't managed to put anything up on our walls. We only have one picture up on an internal wall in the kitchen. We just can't quite bring ourselves to start cluttering up the hut. All the windows feel like pictures anyhow! Looking forward to seeing your kitchen finished.

  2. The walls look great, and love the ladder. My current collection stands at 3, they look great in any room I think.

  3. It looks gorgeous and I adore that ladder, certainly worth hanging on to! I love those Tord lights, The Munchkin has the pink one in her room.
    Thanks for the links especially the Taproot one, I have just subscribed :)

  4. It looks perfect, I love it !!!