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Tomato talk

It's around this time of year, mid autumn, that the talk around town turns to tomatoes.  How did your tomatoes go this year?  Did you have enough to preserve away?  Are you saving any seeds? Ketchup, kasundi and passata recipes are shared and jars and bottles of preserves exchanged.

While it seems hard to find the time, the effort of bottling the glut is certainly worth doing, with a pantry filled with a stash of sauce as your reward.  Setting aside a day to spend with a lovely friend, tucked away in her gorgeous home in the hills, processing tomatoes, eating delicious food and sharing stories was the highlight of a busy week.   We had to buy our tomatoes, but we both dream of a day when we can grow enough of our own to preserve. Without the tyranny of bad weather, possums and blight to stand in our way. Now that will be something to talk about.

PS Oh my, I am totally blown away by the wonderful comments and well wishes for the giveaway.  Thank you so much for your lovely lovely words!


  1. My tomatoes are STILL nowhere near ripe. I can sense a big batch of GREEN tomato pickle in my future!

  2. Beautiful as always Michelle. I picked around 60kg of tomatoes this year and made a lot of passata, in big beer bottles of course! I also saved seeds. Bottling is truly rewarding, although I agree it is a big effort. Love your photos :)

  3. We planted our first tomatoe plants this summer and got enough fruit for a few salads, I hope one day to grow enough to do some preserving :)

  4. I think I say this on every post: yum! x

  5. Gorgeousness.
    We opened our first bottle of passata tonight. YUM!!!!!
    We bought ours too this year but next year.... xxx

  6. I second Jodi, yum!

    Yes, rain, possums and some sort of spot took out many of my tomatoes too, taking with them my dream of home grown tomato preserving this year.

    The dog discovered the possum though, and now there is one less problem in the equation...

  7. I could eat this every single day!

  8. ever since reading animal, vegetable, miracle i've been keen to have a preserving day but it hasn't quite happened yet. sigh... x

  9. I have made relish, chutney and am about to make green tomato chutney. Tasmania has been kind to the tomatoes this year ..thankfully.
    I made the chutney from an old Marjorie Bligh recipe and I must say its rather salty - lesson learned.