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Queens birthday weekending

A long weekend spent at one's castle.
:: Still picking tomatoes from our garden, very strange winter.
:: Saw a beautiful rare grey goshawk, after it killed one of our Good Friday chicks. Poor little thing.
:: Lots of tidying in the winter garden.
:: Bloomin' salvias and potato vines keeping the bees fed and happy.
:: Mama counted her cumquats.
:: Peeps counted out their gems

I do hope one is having an absolutely topping Queens Birthday weekend.


  1. Happy holiday to you too, thanks for the comment too I realised it matched my header only yesterday, funny. Tomatoes in the winter, it's been an odd season hasn't it?

  2. Fantastic way of spending a holiday.

    I once had a goshawk kill a crested pigeon in my front courtyard. It was like a crime scene from CSI - so sad, but the goshawk was so beautiful I couldn't help but admire it.

  3. Lovely cumquats, poor little chick....happy weekend to you too!

  4. mmmm we are still picking tomatoes too, strange. weekend has been great, much like yours.

  5. sorry about your chick.
    but me oh my that Goshawk sighting is super dooper special.
    what a creature of Rare majestic beauty.

  6. Gorgeous snippets of your idyllic country life! x