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Oh July, you've sped through your days like a runaway train and the calendar on the wall is a mess of scribbles and circles and arrows of all the fun times we've had. Family visiting from interstate, charity dinners, P & F meetings,  market meetings, meeting meetings, workshops, winter festivals, two photo shoots and four days filming farming adventures.

My camera is bursting with a collection of gorgeous photos, but I've lost the cable to download them to the computer.  Until I get back on track, here are some random Instagram photos of our winter days. Capturing some of the best things about the chilly weather in Tasmania.  Hope you're keeping warm and toasty.

1) Scones, even tastier when baked by guests
2) A snowy hike to Lake Osbourne 
3) Rainbow carrots from the new Cygnet Garden Larder
4) BBQ truffle sausages
5) Amazing! Tidy child's bedroom for a photoshoot (stay tuned!)
6) Decadent cauliflower cheese with more truffles from Tricycle 
7) Seville oranges soaking for whiskey marmalade


  1. Oh my gosh, the scones, the scones. Would that I had one...

  2. Love it all Michelle. Are you able to insert your SD card straight into computer instead of trying to find cable? That's how do it since I lost my cable :-) I feel like scones now! xx

  3. Beautiful photos, I look forward to seeing some photo shot material soon. Always love seeing your AGA in action, and those scones look delectably good, wish my guests would cook for me.

  4. Love you and your blog.
    I think I had better look at my calender and make a date to visit. x

  5. Oh my goodness, he agrees.
    We're thinking October sometime.
    EEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!! xx

  6. I know! Where did July go? More than half way through winter already, and days are getting longer now.

    Not sure if my cable works with your camera, but it's a Canon. Do you want to borrow it?

  7. My goodness this is so beautiful. It is the first time I jump into your blog, and I'm totally spellbound!


  8. winter has never looked better in your part of the world.

  9. Oh, I couldn't believe my eyes: hungarian 'pogacsa'! Yum...
    Love your wintery pictures, and I hope that your beautiful stove makes the kitchen nice and warm...
    I need to come back later to have a look at your other pages,


  10. Please, you must tell me what type of stove that is. It is just the weathered and truly lovely type that I've been searching for and I'm afraid "google" has been no help with finding an appropriate brand to begin looking for at flea markets.

    This is my second or third traipse around your blog and I love it. You lead a very lovely life.

    My best,
    Jo Farmer

  11. Just found your lovely blog. Beautiful images....look forward to following along :) x

  12. Strange. Elsa's room looks not a bit like that picture at the moment... The magazine is sitting right here for you.