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Backyard bliss

On Sunday, with the boys at home feeling poorly, Elsa and I hit the road to visit friends.  Afternoon tea was served on the verandah, but I couldn't help but wander through the amazing garden, a working garden, an inspiring garden and take a hundreds of snaps.

Motivated by clever border plantings, espailered fruit trees and rows of flowers for cutting, I spent the evening dreaming and planning on how I could achieve a garden as beautiful as this one.

Sometimes I get frustrated that I don't get things done fast enough in the garden.  For every one job that is crossed off the top of the to-do list, another three appear at the bottom.  I take great comfort visiting gardens like this, a work in project of some forty odd years, encouraged by the fact that I'm still on track time wise...


  1. Love the garden photos, I could have looked at the hundreds that you took, such inspiration.
    I too get frustrated with the constant weeding & pest control, and how I want the garden to look/feel, but have not yet achieved that look that comes with years of growth & hard landscaping (the rock walls, that I yearn for). But then I remember that a garden is a living, everchanging landscape, that I am only custodian of for a short time and maybe others in the future will get to enjoy the beauty of the trees/shrubs that I have planted. In the meantime my family gets to enjoy the veggies that I have grown and I get to release any stress whilst tending to the needs of my little patch of garden.

  2. This is indeed a pretty garden Michelle. Gardening certainly is a work-in-progress isn't it?

  3. A garden, even more than a house, is a labour of love stretched over seasons, seasons stretched over years. It evolves so slowly. I think that is why the rewards are so rich. This one (and your photos of it) are beautiful.

  4. yep. I hear you. the to do list is like an evil magic pudding. Take one thing off, and as you say, three more appear!
    I just think well I plan to do what I can, enjoy the bits in the middle and wake up tomorrow and keep going. I walked home the other day and let the wind blow the cobwebs out. It was lovely.