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Eating the problem

Having worked in events on and off since 1994, you would think by now I'd have figured out how to avoid the sleepless nights and the relentless butterflies I feel.

But, no, I'm still a wreck, and lie awake at night tossing and turning as I worry about the minutia and the butterflies flutter stronger than ever.  But I do feel incredibly excited at the same time, which makes any negative side effects seem a trifle.

Tomorrow sees the opening of MoMa. The second season of the Mona Market and by golly it's going to fab.  Since October I've been working with an incredibly talented team to create a market that is like no other.  Delicious food unique to MoMa, beautiful things created by talented people and naturally, cheerleaders. Tomorrow's market will have it all.

But the biggest highlight of all for me is this guy, coming to tell people about wild rabbits, which fits perfectly within the market's theme of "eat the problem." I am super excited about that.

The market kicks off at 11am and finished at 4pm. Rohan's demo will be at 12.15 and he'll be signing books too.

Oh and there are teepees, beautiful teepees, like the one pictured above.  And tacos, real tacos, made by hand using masa harina.  I'm excited about those too.  And I'm hoping after a taco those butterflies settle right down. Or two.


  1. Good luck! I'm sure it will be super and grand.

  2. Good luck - sounds like a great market. Maybe you can also eat the butterflies...that'd get rid of those pesky little critters.

  3. Oh Michelle this market sounds completely amazing. Good luck!

  4. Everything I've read about MoMa this summer sounds fantastic. I wish I could make it this Saturday, I really do! But my taiko workshop will be just what I need, and I'll catch MoMa the next weekend.

    Best wishes for a very successful season. And I will come, if only for the tamales...

    1. Thanks Toni - I look forward to seeing you there soon!

  5. It's difficult to type through the jealousy. :) It all sounds super exciting and wonderful. I'm all butterflies before events too, but once I get there my excitement gets the better of them. They are so lucky to have some one who cares so deeply as to have so many butterflies!

    Enjoy! :)

  6. You will be a star Michelle with your inate passion for all things edible! Our problem at the moment here at The Hedge is possums. Granny Clampett was always toiling over the pot of possum stew. I should Google her recipe!
    Millie xx

  7. Just fabulous - hope it all went well (I'm sure it did!)