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Holiday snaps

:: making wedding cakes to help out an amazing friend
:: swimming lessons, every day for two weeks at the local pool
:: drinking peach agua fresca when it's too hot to eat - you can find the recipe on justb
:: exploring mofo - so much fun, such as....
:: watching under water drumming...tina havelock stevens was incredible!

Wish you were here!


  1. Ahhh I am so close to MOFO but yet so far away! I wish I was there too - but Coles bay is a pretty nice place to be stuck :)

  2. Hi Michelle, those little weddings cakes are so sweet, I can almost taste them from here. What a great story about the bush fire sounds like an amazing team effort.

  3. Michelle, your cakes look lovely, I follow Jo on twitter and she has done an amazing job.
    Also, I've just finished reading The Dirty Life and have really enjoyed it. Thanks for the tip, Jade

  4. Can't wait to get over to MOFO over the weekend. I saw the article about Jo in the paper the other day - very inspiring! Have a great weekend! Mel x PS. I hope you have recovered from The Taste!!!

  5. Oh those swimming lessons!!!

  6. Got to love those swimming lessons, a bit chilly for the last one today.
    Love your cup cakes the flowers on them look so pretty.