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Restoration :: part 1

It was a little bit last minute - but the holidays were rapidly drawing to a close and we had to get away.   We filled the car with a tent, blankets, pillows and good things to eat then headed off to catch the next ferry.  Destination :: Bruny Island.

As soon as we boarded the ferry, it felt like a holiday.   We parked at the bow and the ocean spray splashed over the barrier and onto our faces.  The children squealed with delight whilst my cares washed away.  We were on our way for a three day camping trip.

Our camp spot was at Jetty Beach, a good 70 minutes drive south from the ferry.  A gorgeous beach, with calm shallow waters, and walking tracks through the bush.  The peeps spent most of the time at the shore, collecting shells, building sandcastles in the soft white sand or scrambling over the jetty ruins.  Only heading back to camp to fill those empty bellies.  We fried sausages and haloumi and mushrooms then squished them between soft white bread, adding a squirt of homemade tomato sauce.   Then we scorched marshmallows on our little gas cooker and drank hot chocolate.  Then the three of us squeezed into our cosy tent, filled with pillows, quilts and knitted blankets, and lit a lantern and candles to keep it bright. We fell asleep to the sound of the wind whistling through the trees and the birds settling down for the night.

A blissful three days away, on my favourite island, with my peeps was just what the doctor ordered. Before we left, I was feeling tired, cranky, run down and, well, flat.  Walking barefoot along the sandy beaches, I had the overwhelming feeling of restoration.  How precious to have some time and space away from the routine and chores of home.  To find the time to think, to dream, to have fun and to reconnect.

Restoration was what we needed. I'm so glad we found it.


  1. Sounds blissful.
    I'm so gad you found it.
    We're off in search of something similar if not the same tomorrow.
    Cannot wait. xx

  2. Sounds like the perfect little getaway. Enjoying the simple things in life.

  3. Perfect Michelle, I love how you have captured the simplicity of your trip. We did much the same for Australia Day and it was just what we needed. Camping has a magical way of reviving us all doesn't it?

  4. Beautiful Michelle. We also just went away last minute and it did the world of good and I now feel ready to face the beginning of what will be a busy new school year. Mel x PS I LOVE Elsa's bonnet :-)

  5. Looks beautiful. We spent 6 months housesitting on South Bruny in 2010 and when I left I felt like I left a little piece of my soul there. I first found your blog through a link to Daisy Banks, which is a house I've coveted for years...Thank you for the link to Tasmania; I really enjoy reading your blog. Best wishes, Deb

  6. oh bruny , it is such a special place. and that Daisy Banks is one coveted house!