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To the lighthouse

I adore lighthouses and Cape Bruny Lighthouse is one of my favourite places in the world.  Standing on the rugged cliffs, looking miles out to sea, surrounded by the pretty coastal heath just takes my breath away.

On our recent trip to Bruny Island, when went for a visit, one of the old keeper's houses was open.  It was filled with relics and stories from the lighthouse keeping days. I loved reading about the families that lived here.  It must have been a hard, sometimes bleak life, but I bet they loved it too, since many of the children grew up to become lighthouse keepers themselves.

The lighthouse was built in 1836, and an access road wasn't built for 130 years.  The ruined jetty where we camped, about 2km away, was the only access to the lighthouse.  What a journey it that must of been, schlepping all your supplies along a goat track.

I find these stories so fascinating. You can read more here.

I would love to live in a lighthouse.  Would you?


  1. Glorious photos Michelle. Kellie xx

  2. Oh Bruny. How I love you. I love your photos, M. They make me homesick.

  3. Living in a lighthouse would be amazing. Right up there with living in an old timber/stone church.

  4. Lighthouse have such romantic charm, don't they? Our wedding photos were taken by the lighthouse at Byron Bay, after getting married on the beach.

    Beautiful photos and treasures. That view looks breathtaking.

  5. I love that lighthouse. It has such an amazing history, some stories so sad, some little graves on the's incredible to stand on that point and look out and think next stop Antarctica.. I miss Bruny so much I get heartache when I read anything about it.

  6. Beautifully captured Michelle! I would love to visit Bruny Island after reading your blog and also Kate & Rohan's. We have considered visiting King Island but now I am leaning towards Bruny, any thoughts?

    1. Thanks Jane! I'm not sure about King Island as I have never been. I would love to go though, and KI looks like it has more infrastructure in place for tourism, where as with Bruny, you're pretty much on your own. Although it is easy to access as you can drive there. Hard choice!


  7. Awesome photos, especially the first one. I'd enlarge and frame that! Bruny is on my to-do next time we visit.

  8. Ever since I can remember, I've thought it would be great to live in a lighthouse. These photos are fantastic, Michelle! xx

  9. My Dad's family used to run the Port Arthur store many decades ago and Dad tells tales of taking supplies out to the Tasman Island light house as a boy, a trip made by boat that involved lading the week's groceries into a basket to be winched up the cliffs. If any people needed to go to the Island they had to be winched up in the basket too! It was certainly a remarkable life.

    Lovely post and shiny new blog,
    Toni Fish

  10. Yesss, i would totally live in a lighthouse - if i had internet access and a great camera :) These photos are stunning. Happy Friday!

  11. Yes, I would! What gorgeous photos of an amazingly gorgeous place. x