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Go behind the scenery

I'm quite taken with this cute new Tourism Tasmania campaign.   Many of my favourite Tasmanian people, places and ideas crammed into this 60 second clip, like Callington Mill, Cradle Mountain and MONA.  With the beautiful Theatre Royal as a backdrop, filled with antiques from the Drill Hall Emporium, I think it cleverly captures the magic of our island.

I'm still struggling to spot all the cameo appearances by many Tasmanian thinkers and do-ers, like David Foster, Rob Pennicott, Bill Lark, Sally Wise, Tino Carnevale and Ashley Huntington.   But you can't miss the beautiful Peacock Ladies from Mona Market.   

What do you think?  Does it make you want to come visit? 


  1. Funny you should ask that....I just found your blog today and have read through most of it from the beginning. I have really enjoyed it and am excited to start following along. Half way into it, I told my husband that I would love to visit there or maybe move...since we've decided to be adventurous and pick up and move somewhere we've never been.
    I'm so happy to have found you. :)

    1. Hello Sarah, how nice to meet you. Thank you for your kind words. How adventurous you are to pick up and move somewhere! You would love it here!

  2. Oh I love it!

    I haven't seen it before, is it on T.V. yet?

    What a beautiful state we live in! x

  3. Hello Holli - I think it's going to be screened in Melbourne and Sydney. We do live in a beautiful state!

  4. The ad is great but I love Tasmania....although I've only visited once. I found it hard to leave. There are many wonderful things about Tasmania but the the thing that won me over forever, was the kindness we experienced when our child was sick. A minor childhood illness...nothing serious...but people went out of their way to be kind and took the time to make sure he was okay. You are very fortunate to live there!

    I love the new look to your blog. Just gorgeous!

    Ms Nada

  5. I wanted to move before this makes me want to pack my bags presto. I always enjoy my time in Tassie and I always look forward to coming back. My last visit was so good I was thrilled to go to Mona for the day, wonderful place. No need to tell you you are lucky to call it home.

  6. It looks gorgeous. A friend helped make it, the scallop pies were actually empty pastry shells and after they filmed he gave them to us for our piggies! We do live in a magical place, just need to stop chopping bits down and digging up other bits and it'll be hunky dory! xx