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The damson mother lode

One look around the kitchen today and you'll see why autumn is my favourite season of all.  Right now the kitchen is filled with baskets of apples from our trees, crab apples from friends, hazelnuts, peaches and best of all damsons.   Damsons, that tiny sour plum, inedible when raw, but when cooked with sugar is my favourite fruit of all.

On the weekend we headed to the midlands for a family day out.  A walk, lunch in the pub and some quality family time was needed.  Although this time of year I don't really notice the scenery as my eyes are peeled on the hedgerows looking for those elusive violet dusty black bonbons.

I couldn't believe my luck when I stumbled on a good 40 metres of wild damsons trees on the roadside groaning with fruit.  I had found the foraging mother lode.  Well equipped with secateurs, baskets and gloves - that are always kept in the car this time of year - the whole family helped me pick around 10 kg under the shadow of a gothic georgian church.

Damsons are quite a chore to prepare, a tiny plum with a pip inside, but it's worth the pain to eat this delicious fruit.  Now we have truckloads of jam, we've eaten plenty of damson fools and there's a few kilos left in the freezer for ice creams, cobblers and damson gin.

Nothing makes me happier than a kitchen full of autumn's bounty.  Except having it all pickled, preserved and packed into jars.  I suppose I better tackle the rest of the fruit.


  1. ohhhh it sounds so delightful. yum. i love foraging for berries & fruit. perhaps that is why i like autumn best. while it is spring here, I am digging up the old garden, tearing out old weeds and trying to figure out what to plant for this lovely season. Your photos are absolutely lovely. enviously lovely! have a joyful start to your week. xxoo

    1. Thank you Rebecca, that's so lovely to hear. Enjoy your springtime gardening! x

  2. Jeepers YUM! This sounds amazing. I would love to have jam and scones and tea at yours one day! Gorgeous photos, too. I can smell the jam! x

  3. I havent heard much about Damsons.
    Lucky you had your tribe to help with the harvesting. 10kg is a decent amount to collect.

  4. I envy you your haul of damsons. Damson jam and damson crumble are divine. The damsons here in the UK should start to blossom soon.

  5. I love berry picking season and having bowls of different fruit sitting around the kitchen waiting to be jarred. I've never heard of a damson before but I imagine them to be like a blueberry...maybe? My family owns a blueberry farm and summers are spent picking, washing, sorting and making hundreds of jars of jam. One jar of it is worth a whole summer of purple stained hands. :)

    Glad to have found you....

  6. What a lovely sentiment Sarah. x

  7. Sounds delicious. I will have to add damsons to my "must try" list :)