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1. Autumn heralds a time for a big swap around of very heavy furniture...
2. Picking boxes of quinces from a friend's huge old tree...
3. Pot roasted those quinces, to be baked into tarts, stirred through porridge and served on the side with cake...
4. Evening campfire dinners with twist stick bread...
5. A VERY rustic but tasty nectarine jam tart...

What's been going on in your world?


  1. campfires & quinces.
    autumnal perfection

  2. Oh my goodness! Divinely delicious! Everything!
    In the tropics our limes and mulberries are coming on, the rain is easing and the humidity is finally disappearing!
    Love this time of year!

  3. the change in weather has made me want to change the furniture around here too. I am a bit limited though as the rooms are rather small.
    The nectarine jam tart looks scumptious.

  4. I have been cutting pictures out of magazines this afternoon in order to re-awaken my lost love of keeping a visual diary. I have to say, were these photos in those magazines, each one would have made the cut. Beautiful. :)

  5. I love this season you capture it well in your photos.That nectarine tart looks so delicious.

  6. You capture autumn so beautifully, I love the deep rich colors. We're waiting for spring to arrive and I am so ready for some color. I'm done with the brown and grays of winter!

    I wish you sold your jam in the states. There's nothing better than a treat of homemade bread and homemade jam!

    Enjoy the beautiful season ~

  7. Beautiful autumn goodness Michelle x

  8. Looks like a few little slices of heaven to me! Fabulous photos :)