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Hey Jude

Yesterday I drove through the snow and over the mountain to attend a book launch in Hobart.  The flurry of flakes looked so magical as they swirled through the air, it was difficult to keep my eyes on the road.  That snow really was the icing on the cake of a wonderful two days spent with one of my longtime food heroes, Jude Blereau.

When my children were small, I found her books Wholefood and Wholefood for Children invaluable when trying to navigate my away around the minefield of childhood nutrition.  And they're still firm favourites today.

Jude Blereau is a chef who might slip under the radar for a lot of people, but she's been sharing her whole and real food wisdom for almost 20 years.  Author of four cookbooks and counting, she also tours around the country teaching people about wholefood cooking in her warm and adorable style.

When I heard Jude was coming to Tasmania I sent her an email offering my kitchen and any help she might need on her first visit here.  Jude not only answered immediately, she graciously accepted my offer and plans were made to get together.  I was thrilled beyond measure!

In Hobart to launch her latest book Wholefood Baking, Jude insisted on baking for the event herself, so she came over, baked cakes and we drank tea.

Here are some pics from the launch and some snaps from our baking day in my kitchen.  Jude brought with her to help the talented and equally gorgeous whole food cook Jean Martinez, who has runs Artisan Wholefoods in the northern NSW, you can find her facebook page right here.  You should like it!

I learnt so much this weekend, and I feel so blessed to have met such warm and generous people like Jude and Jean, it was a privilege to welcome them into my kitchen.  Add to that eating cake with friends on a snowy day in a bookshop and it makes for a rather perfect recipe really.


  1. I really must get my hands on Jude's books. Over the last 12 months I've become really conscious about what I feed my family. I've always cooked/baked from scratch but I know I can do more, do better. You've convinced me I need these books! :)

  2. Yumm. I think your readers need to see that pic of your kitchen some of us saw on Instagrram!!

    Your food photos are so good.

  3. That looks like my kind of book. Love your descriptions of the weather! Beautiful post as always.

  4. Oh what bliss! I can imagine what a wonderful and glorious time you had. When I close my eyes I will think of snow and wholefood baking. Beautiful. xo

  5. That just sounds like absolute perfection to me! Lovely photos Michelle xx

  6. It all sounds amazing! I will be seeing Jude this weekend in Adelaide and can't wait to meet her! I remember flicking through her cookbook for the first time and happily discovering she cooked exactly as I did! It was so nice to finally follow a recipe without having to make 10+ substitutes to suit my family's diet. How wonderful to have her cook in your very own kitchen - lovely!

  7. Thank you for sharing.
    Looks magical.
    I am going to follow up on Jude's books too, even though my children are grown ups, good wholesome food is always welcome in my kitchen.

  8. Jean lives up the (country lane) road from me, and in all the hurry and scurry of Jude's visit up here last time, we didn't even get to sit down and have a cup of tea together. I'm so glad they spent time in your beautiful kitchen and you all had time to bake cake and share it together as well.
    I so enjoyed seeing little snippets on instagram.

  9. Your whole blog post was so lovely and enticing but your photos really astounded me. They are so stunning and crisp and evocative and beautiful. I dream of taking photos like those. Thank you for inspiring me!

  10. I keep telling myself I don't need any more cookbooks but this one keeps coming up for me and really...what's one more.
    Sounds like a wonderful time was had.

    1. This book would be right up your alley Brydie! And not needing any more cookbooks is like saying you don't any more songs x

  11. Beautifully written and sumptuous photo's - thank you I really enjoyed your post :)

  12. Isn't Jude wonderful?! I was so glad I finally got to meet her in the flesh at her Perth book launch. Her new book has quickly become one of my all time favourites :-)

  13. Hi Michelle,
    Great post and beautiful photos, I am keen to know how much of it is gluten free?